What a beautiful sicilian cart !

The Sicilian Cart

buy cigars online usa The history of the Sicilian cart was born in 700, when the only available cars were those of the landowners and were elegantly decorated. It was precisely these means of transport to suggest, a century later,to whose who could not afford them, the idea of decorating the cart, which until then had been a simple tool of work. The carts were in fact used by the “vurdunara”, [...]

The Sicilian Pupi

The Sicilian Pupi

The theater of the sicilian puppets (called pupi) is a nineteenth-century tradition and it has been restored to its former splendor by Mimmo Cuticchio. The Sicilian pupo is a very old tradition. Its history goes back to 2400 years ago with the Symposium of Xenophon. It was called “Neurospata”, a Greek word that meant puppet. During the following centuries, other traces of puppets were found, but it was only in [...]


Traditonnal Festivals

THE FESTIVAL OF SCHIETTI (TERRASINI) The Feast of Schietti so called “Alborata” has the charm of the pagan rituals related to the spring bloom of nature. On Holy Saturday, the bachelors of the town called “the Schietti” cut a bitter orange tree and decorate it with care. The morning after, every “Schietto” shows its strength under the window of their “zita,” (the girl chosen) lifting with one arm only the [...]

I Misteri in Trapani

Religious Festivals

paper writing THE MYSTERIES OF HOLY FRIDAY (Trapani) Goldsmiths, fishermen, gardeners, barbers, shoemakers, salt workers: they are all members of the ancient guilds that give life to the procession of the Mysteries. Each of these guild is entrusted with the care of one of the great sculptural groups to bring through the streets in procession on Good Friday, one of the most renowned religious manifestations of Sicily. Participants relive Jesus [...]