Natural sites » La Scala dei Turchi

La Scala dei Turchi is situated on the south coast, close to Realmonte, a few kilometers West from Agrigento .The Scala dei Turchi (the Turks’ staircase), so called because of its shape, consists of an outcrop of white marl, a mix of clay and chalk, The contrast between the blinding white of the rock and the blue of the water and the sky has attracted photographs from all over the world. This monument of nature takes its name from its shape and from the legend which says that during the Moorish invasions, the Turks (wrongly so called) reached the territory of today’s Realmonte, climbing on the stratifications of this crag.

Nathalie’s tips: I can combine the visit  to the Scala and thethe bath in its turquoise waters to the visit the Temples Valley. Of course, the morning will be devoted to the visit of the archaeological site, followed by a refreshing dip in the waters of the Scala and finally a nap in the natural “chairs” consisting of small hollows carved into the rock and oriented towards the sea. To reach the Scala dei Turchi, follow the indications for “Realmonte” and for “Scala dei Turchi”. You will find various parking areas along the road. Park your car and before  walking down  to the beach called “Lido baia dei Turchi” (the only way to reach the scala), take the time to admire the scale from above. The view is extraordinary. Therer are a few hundred meters from Lido Baia dei Turchi to the scala