Zingaro 1

The Zingaro Nature Reserve

The Zingaro Nature Reserve covers 1,600 hectares on about 7 km along the coast, with its steep cliffs which reach the height of 913 m on Mount Speciale. Many paths allow to discover the most hidden corners walking in this wild beauty made of white coves, turquoise sea, bright colors, Mediterranean vegetation and palm trees. 650 species of plants live here. Among the most representative there are the rare lavender of [...]


The Mount Cofano Nature Reserve

The Nature Reserve of Mount Cofano is situated in the province of Trapani, a few kilometers from San Vito lo Capo.The mountain reaches the height of 659 meters, its rock is calcareous and it dominates the gulf of Macari on the East and the gulf of Bonagia on the WestThere are two entrances: the East entrance which is at the beginning of the Gulf of Macari and the west entrance [...]


Bosco D’Alcamo Nature Reserve

West of Palermo, just Before Castllammare del Golfo is Mount Bonifato, home to the Bosco D’Alcamo Nature Reserve. Its summit reaches 825 meters. With an area of 200 hectares, the reserve offers many activities, some of which all around the year. A few years ago was created the adventure park with paths hung on tall trees, with various levels of difficulty. There are 6  routes with increasing difficulty, for all ages [...]

Salt and windmills in the salt pans

The Stagnone Nature Reserve

The Stagnone Nature Reserve is situated between Trapani and Marsala. It was formed around 5000 years ago. It has a maximum depth of three meters and includes four islands. Surrounded by a very salty environment, it presents a unique ecosystem. Windmills and salt pans characterize the landscape of the natural reserve. The “isola Grande” is the largest of the four islands and has got 4 salt pans. Then Mozia, colonized [...]

The cave of Santa Ninfa

Santa Ninfa Nature Reserve

Santa Ninfa Cave Nature Reserve : It is a protected area of 150 hectares close to Santa Ninfa and Gibellina with a cave 1,400 meters long. The environment is a complex system of meanders and galleries of great speleological interest with concretions, stalactites and cave pearls. Guided tours are organised (reservations are required) in the cave but also in the area, along paths which allow to discover the most interesting [...]

The dry mud of the reserve

Macalube Nature Reserve

Macalube Nature Reserve of Aragon in the province of Agrigento: 1256 hectares of protected area, 4km south-west of Aragon and 15 km north of Agrigento. Its main interest is the hill of volcanoes, a barren piece of land with small volcanoes overflowing mud. The oldest evidence of the phenomenon dates from Platone, while Maupassant described it as a terrible disease of nature. A legend says that once, a city was [...]

Scala 1

La Scala dei Turchi

La Scala dei Turchi is situated on the south coast, close to Realmonte, a few kilometers West from Agrigento .The Scala dei Turchi (the Turks’ staircase), so called because of its shape, consists of an outcrop of white marl, a mix of clay and chalk, The contrast between the blinding white of the rock and the blue of the water and the sky has attracted photographs from all over the [...]