News and Promotions » Feats and Events in March

Here is the list of events and festivals which take place in Sicily in March:


The carnival is celebrated until  4 March. For details, see the calendar of events of February

4 March in Francavilla di Sicilia (ME ): “The Cianciùta” : Traditional and hilarious popular farce symbolizing the “funeral” of the King of Carnival, symbol of lust and transgression.

08/09 March in Palermo : “The women of Palermo “: cultural day dedicated to women between events, walks, jazz concerts and art exhibitions

9 March in Catania : “A Fera Bio “: organic products directly from farmers , crafts , responsible tourism, fair trade, music and tastings, as every second Sunday of each month.

9 March in Castronovo di Sicilia : Feast of St. Basil Vitale: The “Triumph ” : the procession of Saint Elia , grand-son of the saint.


19 March is the feast of St. Joseph, the most beloved saint in Sicily . For the occasion, in honor of the saint, in many towns and villages of Sicily, altars are set up and decorated with typical votis loaves.  The ” tavuliate ” (large tables) are also set up in the streets for the traditional meal of St. Joseph . Here is the list of the towns and villages where  St. Joseph is celebrated :

From 18 to 19 March: Ragusa (RG ) – Palazzo Adriano ( AP) – Mirabella Imbaccari (CT) – Borgetto (PA ) – Catenanuova (FR) – Roccapalumba (PA ) – Balestrate – Poggioreale (TP) – Campofiorito (PA ) – marettimo (TP) – Ramacca (CT) – Gibellina (TP) – Enna (EN) – Salemi (TP) – Niscemi (CL) – Villabate (PA )

Saint Joseph is also celebrated on19  March in: Chiusa Sclafani (PA ) – Centuripe (FR) – Calatafimi (TP) – Malfa (ME) – Villafrati (PA ) – Caccamo (PA ) – Sant’Agata di Militello (ME) – Misilmeri (PA ) – Randazzo (CT ) – Tower (PA ) – Ribera (AG) –


From 17 to 19  March in Guliana (PA): Feast of Jesus Child – During the 3 days preceding the feast of Saint Joseph,  Jesus Child is celebrated. “U Bamminu ” is carried in the arms of local carpenters , at the homes of newlyweds .

21/23 March in Centuripe (FR) : Festival of the red Orange of Sicily. The town of Enna celebrates this delicious and healthy fruit for 3 days. Wine tasting and specialties made with orange .

21/23 March in Niscemi (CL) : The artichoke Festival – Wine tasting and typical dishes , guided tours , art and music , entertainment , crafts in the streets of the city.

22/23 March: XXII edition “Spring FAI ” 2014 edition : Special opening of many monuments in Italy.

March 22 in Scicli (RG) : Feast of St. Joseph. Appointment with the traditional folk ride with the historical reenactment of the Bible of The Holy Family fleeing into Egypt . A great parade of horses richly caparisoned in the streets of downtown .

22/23 March in Valguarnera Caropepe (FR) : Feast of St. Joseph – Religious tradition and folklore make the feast of Saint Joseph  of Valguarnera Caropepe, one of the most beautiful and fascinating Sicilian festivals.

29/30 March in Capo D ‘ Orlando (ME ): ” Make your mark ” – Street Art Festival. First edition that allows the dissemination and promotion of contemporary Street Art .

Last Friday of March in San Marco D’Alunzio (ME) : Feast of the Holy Cross in San Marco D’Alunzio – traditional penitential procession of the faithful ” babbaluti”: thirty colleagues with long coats and purple headgears  carry the fercolo of the Holy Cross .

Taormina (ME) : “Modellism in Taormina ” : exhibition of boats , trains, railroad . Date not confirmed

Piazza Armerina (EN): ” Medieterranea ” . Festival dedicated to gastronomy with the participation of confectioners and bakers from Italy , Spain, Israel, Morocco and from Turkey . Tastings of typical products . Date not confirmed

Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto (ME) : Festival of the sfincione (a typical thick pizza) in Acquaficara – The event will take place on the occasion of the celebration of St. Joseph who is the patron of Acquaficara, fraction of Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto . Date not confirmed

Scicli (RG ) : Festival of the cuttlefish in Donnalucata – Edition 2014. Traditional festival of the cuttlefish, a tradition linked to the sea and the pleasures of the table … in the “Marina Vigata ” of  Inspector Montalbano! Date not confirmed

Trapani (TP) : Gourmet Festival “Carciofiamo ” . An ode to the artichoke. A plant with extraordinary organoleptic properties and whose versatility lends itself to any recipe. Date not confirmed

Valguarnera Caropepe (FR) : Festival of Ricotta . Flavors , perfumes , art and music in the heart of Sicily for “Carrapipi” which will take place during the celebration of Saint Joseph . Date not confirmed

Caltabellotta (AG) : Thanksgiving Day – Each year, in memory of the miracle of the rain that occurred in 1957, Caltabellotta celebrates  the feast of Thanksgiving , also known as the “Festival of Fimmini ” Date not confirmed