Video » Snorkelling in the Zingaro Nature Reserve

Nothing is easier than discovering the submarine fauna and flora along the coast of the Zingaro Natural Reserve! Just bring your fins, mask and tube … ..and here you are! a beautiful dive in the clear waters of the reserve! The brightest colors, the most colorful flora and many colorful fishes can be seen less than five meters deep. Octopus, gaze and starfishes; anemone, mother-of-pearl and sponges, the backdrops of the reserve offer great emotions for sea lovers. The starting point of your snorkelling may be one of the coves of the reserve for those who prefer to start their excursion with a stroll along the panoramic path of the reserve, or the port of Castellammare del Golfo for those who prefer to rent a boat or take part to one of the boat trips organized by the various agencies that you will find on the harbor