Video » A boat trip in the Zingaro Nature Reserve

This video shows what you will see during a boat trip along the coast of the Zingaro nature reserve, a reserve that I already showed you in my video “Trekking in the Zingaro Nature Reserve”. By boat, you can reach small coves accessible from the sea only. People who love snorkeling will admire the vegetation of the seabed which is particularly luxuriant in some places such as Cala leone or the pools of Venus (Piscine di Venere): carpets of posidonia, the colorful gorgonia, sponges, small corals and anemones. The seabed is inhabited by a myriad of colorful fish like blennies, wrasses, Red scorpionfishes, monachelli, breams, salps and even garish red starfishes. Some bays hidden caves with small pebble beaches. The water is turquoise and crystal clear. The boat trip along the Zingaro reserve is undoubtedly one of the most amazing experiences that you can live near Scopello. Just have a look!