Guide » On Bacchus route

In western Sicily, talented entrepreneurs have been producing wines of great charm for many years. Today, these wines are now known all over the world. Our tour of “the best” can begin in the province of Trapani with the delicious nectar of Pantelleria and Marsala. In Pantelleria, what a pleasure to discover “Moscati” and “Passiti”  

What about the producers? In Abraxas winery, it is possible to taste the great Passito which bewitches with its golden color, its enveloping aromas of extraordinary intensity and elegance, of honey, apricot, pineapple, tropical fruit, for its soft flavour, its persuasive sweetness, its long persistence.

In Donnafugata winery, you must try Ben Ryé, an exceptional Passito, which captivates with its brilliant amber yellow color, the elegant aromas of apricot, peach, dried figs, honey and mineral notes, the complexity of taste given by the balanced fusion of sweetness and acidity, its persistence.

Another prominent interpreter of Pantelleria Passito is Salvatore Murana, whose Moscato Passito Martingana has a yellow topaz color, with intense aromas and fine apricot and candied fruit, cinnamon, and a refined taste, soft and velvety.

In Marsala, you will discover Marsal wines, which in addition to its long and fascinating history, is envied all over the world. Among the best performers is Marco De Bartoli, with his “Marsala superior”, structured, with a great balance and elegance and a rich aromatic content.

The cantine Pellegrino still suprises with its production of high quality. Among the most important producers of the region, with 120 years of experience and a range of products of the highest level among which his famous Marsala.

But in the foreground, there is also Florio, whose Marsala “Baglio Florio” has an amber color, large and elegant on the nose, with intense aromas of raisins, dried figs, almonds and honey, soft taste, velvety, infinite persistence.

Casano is also one of the best producer with its not too aged Marsala, because the company is newly established, but very impressive, including the sweet Marsala “Amber”: amber color, intense aromas of dried fruits, figs, dates, soft taste, full, round and velvety.

Another wine making mine in western Sicily is the province of Palermo which hosts some of the best wineries of the region. Among the tenants who have made the history of Sicilian wine is Tasca d’Almerita, creator of the great Cabernet Sauvignon Contea di Sclafani, a red wine with elegant aromas of berries and grapes spices, with a soft and enveloping taste.

Duca della Salaparuta, now owned by Ilva Saronno, produces the interesting Triskele, a red with made with Nero d’Avola, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, which is noted for its ruby color, its aromas of berries, and for its balanced and soft taste, but also the Kados, a white wine made with 100% Grillo grapes, and finally the A.L.A. (Old Licorvino Amarascato), a rich and elegant wine which is enhanced with chocolate.

Another great cantina is Calatrasi in San Cipirello, with its wines of race such as the white wine Cataratto and the red wine Terra di  Ginestra 651 made with Nero d’Avola.

From the cantina Spadafora also quit the label “Sole dei Padri”s, a red Syrah 100%.

In the province of Trapani, the Ceuso winery produces excellent red wine Ceuso, ruby red compact, a blend of Nero d’Avola, Merlot and Cabernet, rich in aromas of ripe fruit, currant, black cherry in alcohol, a sweet spicy vein with hints of leather and chocolate, large and energetic in the mouth.

In the province of Agrigento, Memphis has the honor of hosting one of the wineries symbol of the region, Planeta. Numerous and fascinating wines. Among these is to try Santa Cecilia, a red grape Nero d’Avola 100% that attracts for its rich aromatic content and the elegance of its fruity aromas and spices. But Burdese, a red cabernet sauvignon, extraordinarily intense aromas of berries, the pleasant mineral notes and warm and soft taste. And then there’s that chardonnay with its yellow gold color, floral and fruity, with hints of acacia, citrus and pineapple, and its soft, balanced long persistence, it is considered, without any doubt, one of the great wines of the world.