Guide » The Zingaro Nature Reserve

The Zingaro Nature Reserve covers 1,600 hectares on about 7 km along the coast, with its steep cliffs which reach the height of 913 m on Mount Speciale. Many paths allow to discover the most hidden corners walking in this wild beauty made of white coves, turquoise sea, bright colors, Mediterranean vegetation and palm trees. 650 species of plants live here. Among the most representative there are the rare lavender of Todaro, exclusive to the Zingaro reserve and situated on the cliffs of Mount Passo del Lupo. Rare orchids also grow in the prairie of the upper part of the reserve. The reserve is also a nesting and wintering site for many species of birds such as the Peregrine falcon, the Bonelli’s eagle, the kestrel, the buzzard with coffee-coloured wings, and the rock partridge. The reserve has got several coves with crystal-clear waters such as Cala Marinella, Beretta cove, Cala Ficarella and one of the most beautiful and close to the entrance of Scopello called Punta della Capreria with its white pebbles and turquoise waters. you can reach the coves of the reserve walking along the paths of the reserve. There is a parking lot at the entrance. The entrance of the reserve is 5 euros / person.

Nathalie’s tips: You can also rent a motor boat at the port of Castellammare or at the port of San Vito Lo Capo. You will be able to reach niches accessible only by sea such as the pools of Venus, exclusive basins hidden by rocks, for very few lucky sailors. Bring a picnic with you, especially the famous “pane cunzatu” of Scopello, a typical Sicilian sandwich, and do not hesitate to sacrifice a piece of your sandwich throwing pieces of bread into the sea, you will enjoy a myriad of colorful fish biting quickly this improvised lunch. Of course, do not forget your mask and tuba ……. for another unforgettable experience !

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