Guide » The Stagnone Nature Reserve

The Stagnone Nature Reserve is situated between Trapani and Marsala. It was formed around 5000 years ago. It has a maximum depth of three meters and includes four islands. Surrounded by a very salty environment, it presents a unique ecosystem. Windmills and salt pans characterize the landscape of the natural reserve. The “isola Grande” is the largest of the four islands and has got 4 salt pans. Then Mozia, colonized by the Phoenicians in the eighth century, has a beautiful landscape and a great archaeological heritage. Santa Maria and La Scola are the smallest islands. Finally, it is possible to practice Kite surfing, windsurfing and sailing in the reserve of the stagnone. There are several schools and spots where to practise these sports close to Marsala (see our page “Sport in Sicily” for information)

Nathalie’s tips: The best is to visit the reserve in the afternoon and to be in time for the sunset at the bar / restaurant “Mamma Caura”. Sit down under its large panoramic terrace oriented towards the lagoon, the salt pans with the mountains of salt and the windmills. You will attend to one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world: an explosion of colors and emotion, enjoying a glass of local fresh white wine. For gourmets, stop there for dinner and taste the fish of the lagoon, another unforgettable experience