Gastronomy in Sicily » The Tuna

The “king” of the Egadi Islands is tuna and you can taste it fresh or canned. You will often hear that nothing is wasted in a tuna. The slices preserved in oil are cut in the lower part of the belly, which is fat, sweet and precious. There are then the tarantello, the upper part, soft enough and equally good, and the buzzonaglia which is the part with more blood circulation, less precious but very tasty. Among the salty products there are the heart and lattume, or the seed of tuna, cooked in salt and eaten in slices with a drizzle of olive oil. And then the bottarga: eggs of tuna cooked in salt and dried to eat with spaghetti, the mosciame: a precious tuna steak, which, dried, should turn amber while sosizzuni (also called ficazza) are all the parts of the tuna with less blood, chopped, salted and bagged. They are then sliced and served as starters.