The elephant arch in the sea

Pantelleria island

write my essay for me The black pearl of the Mediterranean, as it is often called, has always generates mixed emotions. The volcanic origin of the island gave to the island an intense dark color and an edgy shape, all wrapped in the cobalt blue of the sea, immediately deep, so deep that it almost seems inaccessible. There are no golden beaches here, and the accesses to the sea are [...]


The Egadi islands

Of great archaeological, historical and naturalistic interest, they are the realm of tuna fishing and the guardians of traditions. Levanzo, about 10 sq km, it has got many archaeological treasures and a very rich flora with almost 400 endemic species. It is a sort of paradise for those who want to forget the mainland. It still preserves archaeological finds of the Punic Wars and the Roman period. But the island [...]