Sicilian cannoli

The Sicilian Gastronomy

  Two hundred years of Arabian domination have left their mark in the Sicilian cooking. The Saracens introduced in Sicily pasta, rice with which you prepare the succulent Sicilian “arancine”. They also invented marzipan candies, cassata, cannoli, and sorbets (from the Arab “sciarbat “). But the foreign influences in Sicilian cooking have been so many and so fruitful that each dish is a surprise for its strong flavors and for [...]

The famous Sicilian cassata

The Sicilian Cassata

  It is a soft sponge cake soaked with maraschino and filled with a creamy mixture of ricotta, sugar, candied fruit, pieces of dark chocolate and pistachios. Then the cake is covered with marzipan and sugar, finally decorated with candied fruit (usually orange and cherries)   zp8497586rq

Granita with lemon and brioche

The Sicilian Granita

  how to get your ex girlfriend back Lemon, almond, coffee, pistachio, mulberry, cedar, Ribera strawberries, mandarin oranges, freshest, are the finest ingredients used by the ice cream artisans of Sicily to make their excellent productions. Even the granita is an invention of the Arabs who used to mix the snow picked on the mount Etna and on the Madonie with honey and citrus juice, and eat it with the [...]

Tuna swimming in the Sicilian waters

The Tuna

The “king” of the Egadi Islands is tuna and you can taste it fresh or canned. You will often hear that nothing is wasted in a tuna. The slices preserved in oil are cut in the lower part of the belly, which is fat, sweet and precious. There are then the tarantello, the upper part, soft enough and equally good, and the buzzonaglia which is the part with more blood [...]