An impressive Greek temple in Selinunte


Selinunte was founded at the end of the sixth century BC by Pammilos who came from Megara Hyblaea.. It was the most western Greek colony of Sicily. A strategic alliance with Carthage first and then with Syracuse brought economic prosperity, It was however destined to be forgotten in a relatively short time. In fact, a series of repeated clashes with the nearby Carthage – The siege of 409 BC is [...]

The majestic temple of Segesta


Segesta was founded after the Trojan war by the Elymians. Its temple was built in the middle of the fifth century BC. It is one of the best preserved of the ancient times. It is also the only one to have an open structure. Hundred meters higher, on the Acropolis of Mount Barbaro, is the theater built in the mid-third century BC. The auditorium, with seats cut into the rock, [...]

view of Mozia


The first civilisation to arrive on Mozia was the Phoenician. They discovered this small island in a lagoon, off the coast which connects Trapani and Marsala, hidden from the eyes of sailors. The Phoenicians fortified the island building walls all around it. They also built a port and prestigious buildings of which many signs remain (the House of the Mosaics, the House of the Amphora, the Casernetta and the hidden [...]